Saturday, February 18, 2017

loops W6LVP antenna

I was using a Wellbrook ALA 100M loop antenna and it worked well.  The connected loop was a 30ft quad on the above frame, and is about 24ft to the tip.  All at once the loop/preamp stopped working, I presume due to a close lightning strike.  I live in central FL a well known lightning corridor and every so often God plants one somewhere close by.  I puzzled what to do.  Wellbrook is in England and I didn't want to get into the international shipping and taxes and bla bla.  I ran across the W6LVP loop  and decided to give it a whirl.

Larry W6LVP makes a loop as shown above.  He makes a couple models.  One has relay switching built in which allows rigs like the IC-7300 which have no separate RX antenna input to switch back and forth between TX and RX, and he makes another without the extra switching.  Both models are available on ebay.  He also has a solution for BCB interference if you live next to KDKA.

The loop is made out of 10' of LMR-400 cable with a couple BNC's on either end which makes the loop completely portable.  If you buy a Wellbrook rigid or a Pixel the shipping on those is ridiculous!  This loop came in a USPS standard box.  I took down the Wellbrook and put up the W6LVP in its place, using a few cable ties.  I used my cross frame since it didn't require any modificaion.  Took about 15 minutes, THANK GOD as the noseeems were out in force.  Even so I got bit to heck.  

I made a couple of videos, one on 80M and one on 10M demonstrating the loop.  The loop is interesting in that if you want to accent lower bands in lieu of higher you can make the loop bigger simply by increasing the length of the LMR-400 and adding a couple BNC's.  So if your interested in 630M or 2200M this would be a useful antenna.


You can see the antenna works quite well especially when coupled with the Flex radio's noise abatement and preamps/attenuator.   I likes mine!  I might consider a pair at some point for 2 loop diversity on the 6700, I have another post about 300ft away out in the front! "FB OM rx antenna here is a pair of lolipops!"   My wife will kill me

73  W9OY