Saturday, April 22, 2017

5A5A Libya

RA9USU Dima has been on from Tripoli Libya for the past few days.  He has been loud especially on 40M but thus far I have been unable to crack the wall till tonight.  

He showed up on the cluster on 80M but no copy here in FL, just a little ESP.  I guess he wasn't hearing much either and in a few minutes he switched to 40M.  He was peaking S4 (-96 dBm) with signal to burn and some QSB.  I was about 1 minute into the 40M operation tonight, in other words before the pileup and EU/Russian wall had formed.  I set my TX +1 and called once and he came right back.  Right place right time.

I figured if I didn't get him tonight it wasn't going to happen for me.  TNX OM Dima!

73  W9OY