Monday, September 26, 2016

E6AC Niue

Worked E6AC on Niue while waiting to hear H44GC in the Solomons.  I worked them on 40M and 30M with good signals on both bands

Niue is out in the South Pacific 

A video of E6AC on the 6700

73  W9OY

Sunday, September 18, 2016

D66D Comoros

Satellite image of Comoros Is

Comoros is off the coast of Mozambique 

One call on my 6700/ALS 1300 and my dipole.  I was surprised my dipole was slightly better than my vertical.  He was peaking -97 dBm, good solid signal but the band was a little unstable

73  W9OY

Friday, September 16, 2016

ZP/ZP1P Albania

The True DXing Group is on from Albania

Worked them tonight on 40M while sipping some coffee: nice sigs, good ops, laid back pileup

73  W9OY

Thursday, September 15, 2016

TO5FP Saint Pierre & Miquelon

Here is one I didn't know about, TO5FP Saint Pierre & Miquelon (FP).  It is an archipelago of 8 French islands off the coast of Canada.  They have a nice write up on

Big S9 signal, up 1, on 40M.  Good ops working everybody.  They are working 80-10 

73  W9OY


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Antena interactions Flex 6700

There was a question on a forum about whether an antenna connected to antenna port 2 would somehow blow out the ADC while transmitting on antenna port 1.  The 2 antennas in question were physically close to each other but transmission on one was strong but reception was weak on that antenna and vis. versa

I set up the following experiment.  

Pan A (top) connected to RX1 and TX1 antenna port

Pan B (bottom) connected to RX2 and TX2 antenna port

port 1 connected to 1/2 wave end fed 40M vertical over 4kft of wire

port 2 connected to W5GI variant of G5RV at 50ft

Antennas separated by about 175ft

I used DDUTIL to readout S-Meter data on pan A & B, as well as transmitter power from my LP-100A watt meter 

Here is a video demonstrating my results.  The conclusion is my radio with this setup is 100% safe.  When in half duplex mode the ADC is isolated from the RX antenna, and in full duplex mode I was able to measure the signal on my ADC and it was well below any danger from my transmitter.

Also it's great to have a radio from which I can get accurate data and determine precisely if there is any danger without just guessing. 

73  W9OY