Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Antena interactions Flex 6700

There was a question on a forum about whether an antenna connected to antenna port 2 would somehow blow out the ADC while transmitting on antenna port 1.  The 2 antennas in question were physically close to each other but transmission on one was strong but reception was weak on that antenna and vis. versa

I set up the following experiment.  

Pan A (top) connected to RX1 and TX1 antenna port

Pan B (bottom) connected to RX2 and TX2 antenna port

port 1 connected to 1/2 wave end fed 40M vertical over 4kft of wire

port 2 connected to W5GI variant of G5RV at 50ft

Antennas separated by about 175ft

I used DDUTIL to readout S-Meter data on pan A & B, as well as transmitter power from my LP-100A watt meter 

Here is a video demonstrating my results.  The conclusion is my radio with this setup is 100% safe.  When in half duplex mode the ADC is isolated from the RX antenna, and in full duplex mode I was able to measure the signal on my ADC and it was well below any danger from my transmitter.

Also it's great to have a radio from which I can get accurate data and determine precisely if there is any danger without just guessing. 

73  W9OY