Monday, September 8, 2014

Sable Island

CY0C is on the air.  It's a one day DXpedition to Sable Island

This year apparently the focus is 17 and 30 on CW.  I've been listening to the station build all afternoon and he is now in the -100 to -95 dBm range

Good enough for government work!  The pileup is fairly massive and he has good propagation to Europe and NA.  You can see and hear the propagation by listening to the stations he is working and also by looking at the skimmerfall (a couple pics below)

You can see all the red dot DX spots in EU.  The panfall looks like this

A pretty massive wall of RF and about a 6khz pileup.  Skimmerfall looks like this

I tried tail ending for a while but that didn't work so I just watched the 599 pattern in skimmer.  His freq was 18075 and he was starting at 18077 and moving up, but not every contact he might tarry on a given freq for half dozen contacts before moving on up the band.  Usually somewhere around 18080 he would flip back down to 18077 and like cream slowly rise to the top

It took a while maybe an hour but I finally bagged him at 1959Z actually a few minutes earlier since I wanted to grab a few screen shots prior to logging him

He is supposed to be on 30M at some point so B.O.T.L.  (be on the lookout)!!  I was glad to nab him since my propagation in this direction is usually not too good

73  W9OY