Monday, January 19, 2015


The Gambia on 80M.  I've worked them on several bands... excellent op.  I got them using the W5GI mystery antenna which was about 2 S units quieter than the vertical.  I tried calling with the vertical and listening on the W5GI as the 6300 allows for several antenna combinations, but finally got them with the W5GI.  I was surprised as the W5GI at 55ft has a pretty NVIS pattern on 80M.  I'm sure my proximity to the Atlantic helps.

Once again the split dual slice setup on the 6300 did the trick.  It was a moderate pileup. 

It pays to have more than one antenna

73  W9OY

Just sat down at the rig and they were on 40M.  Got them first call in broad daylight on the half wave end fed vertical!  The bands are good