Friday, August 14, 2015

Remote CW

Well I've been hankering for remote CW using a paddle.  I've developed peripheral neuropathy in my hands and it's completely destroyed my typing speed and accuracy.  I was hoping for a inbred Flex solution, and that may one day come, but so far no go.  There are a couple of choices.  One is the K1EL remote server.  This uses 2 K1EL keyers, one at the transmitter and one remote, and 2 computers, one local to the transmitter and one remote.  There are 2 versions of the keyer that will work, thge USB winkeyer and the serial winkeyer.  You can mix and match.   The keyers are joined by a K1EL program called winkey remote whch sets up a server and client complete with IP addresses 

This is my client.  It connects my winkey V3 at the remote to my winkey V2.2 next to the radio.  The paddle plugs into V3 and V2.2 plugs into the radio.  Here is a video of performance

It's OK for rag chewing or casual DX but too laggy for pileups or contests.  The lag is not due to the Flex.  My lag in the Flex circuit is microseconds.  It's a fairly expensive solution (two  keyers needed) for fairly mediocre performance.  

Another solution suggested by Enzo IW7DMH is a Arduino setup he created.  In this setup he takes a standard Arduino Uno R3 and an Ethernet dongle to connect the remote computer.  The Arduino resides next to the radio and is plugged into the radio's CW port and the local LAN.  On the remote computer the key plugs into a serial port and a little program on the remote computer connects the Arduino to the key.  I haven't built this circuit yet but I have the parts on the way from China.  Total parts cost plus shipping is under $10.  Here is a video of Enzo's creation in action.  

Once I get it working I will update.  In the meantime I'm trolling 40 CW!!

73  W9OY