Saturday, June 25, 2016

N1MM+ Field Day

I decided to give N1MM+ a whirl.  I've been using WriteLog for many years, but a concerted effort has been done to bring N1MM+ into integration with SSDR.  This is my first iteration with N1MM+ in an actual contest.

The program couldn't be easier to set up. Load, update and set up a couple forms.  The program needs a link between the radio and the logger.  I had port 7 set up in SCAT so I used that.

On the N1MM+ side

There may be a better way to do this.  I didn't read any directions just gave this a try and it worked.  Make sure there are no conflicts between ports in device manager

I also set up the focus manager in the radio under Settings>RadioSetup

I couldn't get the N1MM choice to work in the Window dropdown so I filled in Flex-6000 and it worked.

I decided to add a skimmer link to a N1MM band map

This allows skimmer/SDR-Bridge to populate the band map through a Telnet local loop link.  Call signs can then be extracted from off the air (no internet) and used to populate N1MM+'s entry window

Here K5TQ is noted on skimmer.  I click that and he is transferred to a "pre" QSO state in the logger

If decide to call him, I click his call sign and he is transferred to "ready to log" status.  

I copy the exchange and I'm on to the next contact, very effective. 

If I get a dupe it lets me know

To set up the skimmer telnet local loop was easy

In the logger screen choose tools>Telnet Window Tools 

Which opens 

Choose localport as the cluster and edit list

Edit the port number to 7310 and hit OK

Then connect to localport and type in your callsign.  Skimmer sends out spots on local port 7310 so the band map should start to populate

I'm sure that just scratches the surface of the feature set of N1MM+.  I didn't set up the keyer or macros or messages.  I just programmed a couple messages in my keyer and in short order had 100 pts in the log

Mucho Funno

73  W9OY