Sunday, May 11, 2014

472 KHZ band on the 6300

There was a question on eham regarding how the 6300's receiver works in the 472 khz band near strong broadcast so I thought I would publish a couple of screen shots.  I thought this an interesting question.  First I have never really looked at this spectrum before so I'm not sure exactly what I am looking at but I always wanted to know what was going on down there.  Second my antenna is a 1/4 wave full size 80m vertical over about 3000ft of wire.  Here is a nec plot of my vertical's pattern at 500khz

This is a shot of the 472 khz band with a 2.7 khz filter

This is a shot of the same band with a 100hz filter note the reduction in band noise between this and above.

This is a shot of the beacon band.  My RX is tuned to SFB @ 410 khz I can easily tune the various beacons.

This is a shot of my local RF environment on this vertical from 30khz to 1700 khz.  The hottest signal is about -43 dBm.  The flag remains on SFB

I shot 3 more pics this morning

This pic shows the radio with 2 slices active.  Slice A is tuned to the NDB beacons.  The flag is on beacon A M.  If you look in the waterfall You can clearly see the morse for A M.  If you look up the band to around 408 you will see SFB.  Again the morse is clearly visible.  The Flex 6300 has a memory built into the waterfall.  You can look back 10 minutes in time to see if a signal poked its head above the noise.  This is great for monitoring for example the entire 6 meter band.

Here is a shot with 2 instances of CW skimmer active  Skimmer really doesn't know what to do with the MCW.  Also is presented a screen that reads out noise and signal for each segment digitally.  My local time right now is high noon and my band noise @ 390 khz is -119 dBm  Very cool!!

Here is a shot watching the entire 6 meter band while listening on 17 M to W1AW/0 in NE

I think the radio works fine in the 472 khz band.

73  W9OY