Saturday, May 2, 2015

Anan 10 again

Anan 10

I bought a Flex 6500 which has yet to arrive and thought I would liquidate some of my SDR stock to defray the cost.  I sold off my Anan 100D, and I had this little gem listed on Swap.QTH.  Between the sales of the two the 6500 would be a wash trade.  I was pretty tired of the 100D.  It's a super radio but I like Flex's approach to SDR better.  I listed the 10 and decided to put it on the air to make sure everything was up to snuff before I let it go.

I had redone my computer with a fresh install of Win8.1 and didn't even have any HPSDR stuff loaded.  I loaded the latest, and a copy of virtual audio cable, set the stuff up and plugged in the radio

Next I rounded out the desktop with a copy of CW skimmer and DDUTil v2.  I use v2 with my Anan stuff   since I use DDUTil v3 with the Flex stuff and I can run both simultaneously if I use 2 different programs.  Supporting programs are Virtual Audio Cable 4.09 from my Flex 5000 days and SmartCat for virtual serial port duties.

My logging/cluster software DXLab can be set up o switch back and forth between my Flex radios and the Anan

BIG MISTAKE!  There were a half dozen contests occupying 15M various QSO parties etc.  I had my LDG Z-11 pro sitting on the shelf so I plugged the Anan into the Z-11 and the W5GI dipole into the Z-11 and hit the tune.  3 watts and 3 seconds later I was 1.3:1.  I set up CWX in HPSDR_mrx for a contest exchange plugged in my custom N3ZN ZN-SL1 paddle and decided to see what a few wattrs could do

Smashing success.  I spent a lot of time looking for other qrp contesters and enjoying the radio.  So I took the add off Swap.QTH.  The Anan 10 weighs 3.3 lbs and with the Z-11 which can be battery powered and a laptop you could very easily head out to the beach or mountaintop for some deluxe DX-ing.  I made a little youtube video of a contact 


2 boxes power laptop and a key for this kind of quality SDR experience YES!

73  W9OY