Monday, November 28, 2016

5Z4/DL7KL Kenya

Now this is the way to go on a DX pedition!  DL7KL is on from Diani Beach Kenya.  My band noise on him was -107 dBm and his signal was only -105 dBm, but I was still able to work him in 2 calls.  The band from Mims, FL is open to Africa and the Indian ocean tonight and the old trusty Flex is tearing it up!

Since I had my diversity antenna scheme hooked up, I turned it on and it turned a Q3 signal into a Q5 signal even though he was only 2 dB out of the noise.  I've been chasing this guy for a while and it's the first time I heard him well enough to make contact.  Good op and good ears.  I'm having me some radio fun!

73  W9OY