Tuesday, November 29, 2016

VU7MS Kavaratti Island of the Lakshadweep Islands

VU7MS is on the air from the East Indian ocean.  

This took forever.  I started hearing him about 15:00 and it wasn't till 19:00 I finally worked him.  Initially I was in competition with EU, Japan, and Russia but to soldier on.  He was slowly but randomly skipping through the pileup sometimes moving, sometimes staying put.  Eventually he had pity on NA/SA and managed to tame the rest of the world and give us a chance.  Even so it took over an hour of calling and figuring out the pattern.  Eventually I got him by tailending someone but moving up about 40hz.  I had diversity going and it made all the difference on RX.  My hat's off to the op for his tenacity and good habits.  

73  W9OY