Tuesday, March 18, 2014

After a 3 year hiatus I decided to restart my blog on SDR.  However Google's "blogger" had other ideas.  Somehow my blog had become dormant and I was unable to post to it anymore.   Since I want this blog to constitute my experience as I transition into the new line of Flex radio, the 6000 series I decided to start with a tabula rasa, Latin for: blank slate.  Tabula rasa also is also the concept of a state of mind as it exists before an experience is experienced (as in the philosophy of John Locke).

I want to take the reader through my tabula rasa experience as I build a Flex 6000 station from the ground up.  Starting with a choice of computer, then a choice of radio, and finally adding amplifier, tuner and antenna switch and various third party software to complete a fully integrated cutting edge software defined ham radio.  My hope is the reader can take away from my experience ideas that he or she may apply to their own integrated station design.

My old blog is still viewable at w9oy-sdr.blogspot.com