Monday, March 24, 2014

New 'Puter

My new computer arrived about 4:30.  I made a cursory inspection and plugged that sucker in!!

Here are a few pics  (you can click the pics to get a bigger shot and you can just keep clicking to scroll through all the shots in this post)

This shot gives some idea of the size.  The rig has a dual core  a 2.6 ghz Celeron G1610 Ivy bridge processor on a i3 die and is designed to be a home theater PC and run signage.  It has HDMI and DVI outputs (lower right), 2 x 1GB ethernet, mini PCIe wifi,  8gb ram and windows 8.1.

Here is a shot of the rig driving 2 monitors.  On the left is a 24" Toshiba 1080p HDMI TV and the right is a 20' Acer 1600 x 900 DVI LED monitor.   

these shots show the resolution.

Below is a shot of each monitor running separate instances of the U of Twente WebSdr server.  This allows me to listen to two different frequencies at once.  This server runs HTML5 in the browser feed so there is no need to install Java (i.e. no security compromise) to get it to run.

 I was afraid this sub $50 dollar processor would not have the horsepower but so far I must say I am more than impressed!!  I may try doing a screen capture video of this lash-up and posting it to you tube

73 W9OY