Thursday, March 27, 2014

(best viewed on youtube in full screen mode.  Just click the youtube icon at the bottom of the video applet)

An interesting aspect of SDR is the ability to remote control the radio.  SDR's have bee turned into radio "servers", where a physical receiver can serve up what it receives to a browser anywhere on the planet.  I use the SDR receivers at  Many of these receivers require JAVA to work, but the RX at University of Twente in the Netherlands uses HTML5, a more secure solution.

I made a recording of a pileup on the club station XW0JYJ on 17m CW.  The circuit is from Laos to the Netherlands then to my web browser in Florida.

Here is a pic of the receiver at U Twente:

This receiver is receiving the HF spectrum and is presently serving 182 users.  Here is a pic of some of users including w9oy (near the bottom).  The entire pic takes up more screen than my screen capture software can capture.:


Here is a shot of the antenna!  Note the entire receiving element is only 5 x 10 cm!  This antenna might be interesting to use in the development of wide band receiving 4 square.  More study required by me.

Here is a shot of the receiver control panel.  As you can see pretty much everything basic is covered, freq, band width , mode etc.

This is my first attempt at creating a narrated video screen capture.  I hope to develop this technique to include in further posts.  SDR is visually so dynamic screen shots don't really do justice to the experience.  The video capture tool I am using is the Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder.  Desktop version.

73  W9OY