Saturday, June 6, 2015

CW Remote LAN

This afternoon I decided to flesh out a little better how well remote works.  I set up the 6500 for remote and I was able to drive my ALS-1300 reliably,  I don't have a MIC on my remote computer so I decided to try some CW.  The computer I am using is a a very basic Intel i3 55 watt 3 GHZ chip with internal 2500 graphics to a HDTV monitor.  Here is the utilization graphic

I installed DDUTIL V3 and it readily connects to the radio from the remote computer

This gives me most of the functionality I rely upon from DDUTIL.  I can't run the relay board remotely, but the macros for the most part work just as they should, including the MacroButtons

I simply copied my macro.xml file from my shack computer to the remote computer and all of my familiar functions were there!

In addition I added a spare FlexControl I had around to the remote machine, turned it on in SSDR, and the flexControl fired right up as well.  

I normally run FlexControl through DDUTIL but I decided to give the native SSDR interface a whirl.  I have Slice Tuning on the knob, and AGC-T, and Slice Volume on the first 2 buttons and MOX on the third.  If I ever get a good MIC connected I can use that button as a PTT.  I also added a PTT toggle to my MacButtons macros.  

I worked half a dozen EU and North African stations on 17M  My antenna is a W5GI dipole tuned with the internal Flex tuner.  I like this antenna for this application since it's basically all band and readily tune-able with the flex tuner 160-6M.  The setup worked flawlessly.  I was having a little lag problem with my wifi on this computer, so I plugged a CAT5 cable from the LAN into the computer

zero packets dropped.  The wifi is entirely usable but I like this best!  When I can I prefer a wire.  I was able to even crack a couple split pileups including PZ5RA.

Included is a quick video of a DX QSO with Dan US7WW 

This remote feature has tremendous and well polished functionality.  Download, start SSDR, hit the remote button, make a QSO.

73  W9OY