Monday, June 29, 2015

More Iview Results

Today I spent some time trying to optimize the system and see performance.   The first thing I tried was a ethernet connection via a cable through a USB to ethernet dongle.  I ran some speed tests and I got about 6 mbs.  I compared to the internal wifi and wifi was about 25 mbs.  This little stick has about the best wifi I have ever used.  I stuck a 64GB microSD in the slot and now have a 64gb D:\ drive for storage.  

I tried 4 open panadapters and that worked FB.  

I opened WriteLog and was able to connect the radio to 4 logging entries and I could change panadapters and TX focus with the up/down arrows. 

I decided to install CW Skimmer which I thought would work not at all, but I was wrong.

Worked fine.  I decided to try Log4OM

That worked too.   I tried 2 slices in one panadapter 

and set up SDR-Bridge to click tune slice B with CW Skimmer, the way I like to run pileups and that worked fine as well.  This little Atom computer is amazing, plus what Flex has done to optimize the code.  I'm listening to a QSO in the background, monitoring the cluster, and typing this blog post.  as well as running CW Skimmer SmartSDR, SmartCAT, DAX, Log4OM, and DDUTIL.  It's pushing the limit but it's not over the line.  Yowza

73  W9OY