Thursday, June 25, 2015

FRS service

Today I needed service for my Flex setup.  I installed a new antivirus software and it wiped out SmatCAT.  Smart CAT has a module called VSPkit that autostarts on PC boot and brings the ports to the party and the AV software set the contingencies to manual.  It also hosed up CW skimmer starting correctly

I messed around for a while and uninstalled the antivirus software, which cured my Skimmer dilemma but I couldn't figure out how to make VSPkit auto again.  So I put out a smoke signal on the alpha group reflector and Tim W4TME suggested opening a Help Desk ticket.  I never used this service before.  Let me tell you the result was fantastic!

To open a ticket you go to the Flex website  and click on the menu at the upper right and go to support>HelpDesk

Once there click submit a request

You need to be registered with Flex.  If you aren't just go to sign in and run through the registration procedure.  Once logged in you will get a form that allows you to identify your system and state the problem.  Here was my statement and Tim's response:

Note the timestamps  My request 14:57, his response 15:10.

I didn't have teamviewer so I went to teamviewer website, and downloaded the latest version.

I installed under "basic"  There is a choice that will allow a remote station login unattended but I decided to not set that up.  I opened the program 

The program provides a password and ID but I edited those out for the purpose of the post.  Next I sent Tim my phone # and by 15:15 he was on the line.  He entered my ID & PW and we were on the air.   He was able to remotely control my computer.

He clicked up windows explorer and right clicked on my computer

and clicked manage 

and went to services and applications and clicked on services

and scrolled down to Virtual Serial Support Kit and clicked which brought up the window with the arrow.  He changed the drop down to automatic 

He then tabbed over from general to recovery and made recovery look like this

And there ya go by 15:20 I'm all fixed.   We exchanged pleasantries for a couple minutes and then he was GONE...who was that masked man?

Impressive!!  My thanks to Mr Tim!!

73  W9OY