Monday, March 28, 2016

A Cool Thing

Tonight I was fooling around with DXLab SpotCollector's SQL tabs.  SpotCollector has 32 buttons in 4 banks of 8 that can be programmed to filter the SpotCollector database on specific field criteria, like Band, Mode, etc.  The filter can be quite complicated for example
  • only Spot Database Entries for SV2ASP/A
  • only Spot Database Entries for stations on 6m working CW
  • only Spot Database Entries for stations from Mongolia on 80m spotted from Europe
  • only Spot Database Entries for stations whose DXCC entities you haven't confirmed on CW
  • only Spot Database Entries for for African, European, or Asian stations on 160m that were spotted from the North American East coast.
  • only Spot Database Entries known to QSL via the ARRL's Logbook of the World
See the link above for a complete description.  

I presently have only 8 Filters programmed.  Above is a shot of un-programmed SQL buttons

To Program a button hover your mouse over a button and hit CTL before you click and the following panel will open up

(to get a clearer view of the pics click the pick and it will open a viewer)

My interest is primarily low band DXing 160M-30M CW.  I have exactly 1 SSB DX QSO confirmed, but sometimes I want to see what is happening on other bands.  The SQL language is not super intuitive so a couple examples 

 All          Band in ('160m','80m','40m','30m','20m','17m','15m','12m','10m','6m')

This expression is contained in the field connected to the button called "All"   This expression filters all modes and bands 160M-6M 

 160-30C       Band in ('160m','80m','40m','30m') and (Mode= 'CW')

This button 160-30C    turns on only 160 80 40 and 30 CW

160-10C      Band in ('160m','80m','40m','30m','20m','17m','15m','12m','10m') and (Mode= 'CW')

This one 106-10C   turns on 160-10 CW only  

20-10C  Band in ('20m','17m','15m','12m','10m') and (Mode= "CW")  turns on 20M-10M CW

and I have a few single band choices as well

160 CW  Band in ('160m') and (Mode= "CW")  turns on 160M CW spots and I have one of thesae for 80, 40, and 30M as well.  

That should be enough to get something going!  

This is a shot of All  note CW SSB RTTY JT65  are all listed from 160-6M 

This is 40 CW only, though some SSB and Digital stuff sometime leaks through because it is mis-labeled in the database.  NBD.

Happy programming !

73  W9OY