Friday, March 25, 2016

VK0EK Just Heard Heard Is.

VK0EK is on the air.  I tuned in on 30M and was amazed I could hear them as they are about 7 or more hours into their daylight as you can see on the map below, but they were very workable allowing for QSB

I studied the pileup and was able to determine where to call, in other words I made a lucky guess.

The pileup was down instead of up.  VK0EK was on 10.116MHZ 

I called him once and he came right back and we completed the QSO.  VK0EK had specific instructions about how to work them on their web page and it always pays off to check the instructions.  They wanted you to send your callsign and 5NN for the exchange, and so I didand was rewarded with a TU.

They have some kind of fancy realtime logging/propagation software

So I stopped by and popped in my callsign and this popped back!

All told maybe 10 seconds of transmit time.  This Flex stuff is amazing as is their logging lash up!  Great DX experience.  

73  W9OY