Tuesday, March 22, 2016

C5GCJ The Gambia

I watched the Falcon 9 launch this evening out of my window. an absolutely gorgeous launch.  I was trying to get some election results on the TV and happened to glance out the windows of my sun room and caught the rocket just as it rose above the tree line.  The time it takes between when the rocket lights up and when the sound reaches my porch is about 68 seconds. 

I was headed off to bed and stopped by the shack to see what was on.  Always a bad idea when I need some sleep.  Tonight C5GCJ was pounding in on 40M.  My noise on 40M tonight was about -112 dBm

But Zenon was peaking -86 dBm, a full 26 dBm out of the noise

The pileup wasn't huge but he was skipping around working stations in the pile making anticipation of where he was listening difficult.

I caught him near the top of the pileup and we were in each others logs

There are some Europeans and Ukrainians advertised in the cluster on 160M but I best toddle off to bed.  Checking the bands while rewarding can be quite dangerous to sleep.

73  W9OY