Monday, May 9, 2016

E44QX Palestine

Bodo E44QX is on from Jericho, the oldest city in the world.  I tuned in and was greeted by this 

Some ridiculous wideband noise.  He was there but totally uncopiable.  I started fooling around with the noise abatement in the 6500.  I added WNB, NR, APF, and the second NB

  All of which helped but still pretty shaky.   I then tried an old trick, turn OFF the AGC.

That periodic noise was for sure pumping the heck out of the AGC just when I needed gain the most.  There was also considerable QSB,  Bodo was calling CQ so even though some were calling up the band, I didn't have much competition.  I called twice on the freq I thought he was listening to and he came right back and we were in each others logs.

Palestine is about 6500 miles as the electron flies.  

I made a video to show the difficulty this noise produced 


Shortly after the contact the noise subsided 

So I worked him again just to be sure.  

73  W9OY