Wednesday, May 4, 2016

SV9BAI Crete

As I was toddling off to bed I chanced by the shack and SV9BAI was pounding the brass at about 25 wpm.  He was knocking them off simplex, so I figured I'd see if he could knock me off.  The band was pretty unsettled with a lot of QSB and he was already into his daylight but I waited till he peaked and it happened to coincide with a QSO break so I got him in one call

Weak weak weak but in the logbook.

As you can see he more than an hour into daylight.  After we signed he disappeared though I could hear other stations working him, so I got in at the nick of time.  Crete civilization dates back to the 7th millennium BC.  That's a long damn time ago!  Stone tools have been found that date back 130,000 years thought to be used by pre-hominids.  Amazing 

73 W9OY