Tuesday, August 16, 2016

6700 Panadapter Hints

I was fooling around today on 40M and decided to add some macro controls to DDUTIL that controls the panadapter on my 6700 (also works on the 6500 and the 6300).  DDUTIL has a macro feature which allows one to access the radios API with simple code stored in a database

The code can be simple or complex to do one thing or several things simultaneously.  It is easy to write, just basically stringing some commands together 

9 DDTG19:083:084;

The above command allows me to toggle button 9 between memories 83 and 84

83 DD6PBW0:.019;DD6PCF0;
84 DD6PBW0:.011;DD6PCF0;

Programming is basically cut and paste with a little fine tuning to the command to make it do exactly what you want.  83 sets the first panadapter (A) to 19khz bandwidth and  centers the slice in the panadapter.  B sets the bandwidth to 11khz for a more zoomed in view

And button F9 in the DDUTIL macro box llows me to toggle between the 2

This is very powerful.  I have a macro that views 200khz of the band, 35khz, and 19khz and 11khz.  If I was a 6M guy (or any other band that covers up to 14mhz) I could write a macro that shows 50.0 to 54.0 mhz, the entire 6M band in a button press.  The waterfall acts as a memory that remembers something like 19 minutes of band data, so at 50-54 mhz I could look back at 19 minutes of history of the entire 6M band.  

I made a little video of some of the features of the panadapter demonstrating how useful, powerful and easy it is to use.


73  W9OY