Thursday, August 11, 2016

Flex 6700 Full Duplex mode Flex is going to Bouvet

It appears Flex is going to Bouvet!!  In 2018 8 Flex radios with Maestros will head to the "the most isolated island on earth".  In a recent discussion Flex was being knocked for its receive latency on CW so I decided to make a video demonstrating latency in full duplex mode.  Full duplex is how QSK was originally done.  There was a transmitter plant and a receive station and the 2 were often separated by 10 or 20 miles.  

My setup is more modest.  My TX was connected to my W5GI antenna at 50 ft in he front yard and my RX antenna was connected to my full size end fed half wave vertical over 4000ft of ground plane.  The slices were about 3 khz apart and I was running about 0.72W to keep QRM down.  Band was 40M in the daytime.  I used 100hz as my filter to give a relatively worst case scenario re: latency

FDX under various power levels

Pretty cool

73  W9OY