Friday, August 15, 2014

Anan 100D

I came across a good deal on a Anan-100D and given my positive experience of the Anan-10 decided to give the radio a whirl.

I've been integrating the radio into my station.  Thus far it's been a good experience.  The radio to me is like a Flex 5000 on steroids.  It has 2 independent SCU's and runs a version of PowerSDR.  PowerSDR is a very mature program with a lot of well thought out features.  This version PowerSDR_mRX is no less except some of the things PowerSDR was able to do have yet to be implemented

 Here is a shot of PSDR single receive

And here PSDR with both receivers going

And here is with diversity going

In this shot I have 2 CW receivers going on 30M and RTTY going on 20M

Thus far a very good receiver, and very good CW so its a winner as a DX radio

More to follow

73  W9OY