Friday, August 1, 2014

Something Wild

This is a pic of my Flex 6300 running 2 slices with 2 CW skimmers (the ones on 30M) looking at the W1AW/0 pileup.  In the shot is the DXLab suite including Commander DX Keeper DXview plus World Map and spot collector.  Also DDUTIL_v3 and SDRMemory6K SmartDAX SmartCAT and SSDR.  

Included also is an instance of PowerSDR_mRX with another skimmer connected to this radio (40M) and DDUTIL_v2 with Log4OM (not see as it's under SmartSDR) and Virtual Audio Cable

I'm also running Chrome with 4 tabs open to type this blog post.

It's all functioning together flawlessly on my little Shuttle DS81 gen 4 i5 65 watt 3.3ghz quad core computer and Intel internal on chip 4600 graphics running 2 HD 1080p monitors.  All 3 nicks are running as well wifi for internet ETH1 for the 6300 and ETH2 for the Anan-10.  The system is pushing its limit but nothing is stalled out in the least.

If I close out one slice and one skimmer utilization drops considerably.

At 23:23 local my windows started rattling, sure sign of a rocket launch

An Atlas V was fired carrying a geosync GPS sat.  This is a pic of the actual launch.  This is the second launch in 3 or 4 days and the third in 2 weeks... space is alive and well and i's always amazing to experience a launch.  

73  W9OY