Monday, February 2, 2015

K1N on SSB

I never operate SSB.  I have exactly one DX contact on SSB.  I decided to see how the Flex 6300 does SSB DX.  They were on 17M with N2TU at the mic.  This guy knows how to run a pileup!  Here is the pic

Notice the wall of RF! 

I've never seen a pileup run like this before.  K1N is in the upper passband at 18.155 and he is working down from 18.150 to 18.140 and he does not go out of that boundary.  Everybody is packed into 10 khz.  He has no problem knocking them off one by one.  About three minutes of my arrival on freq and getting the lay of the "band" so to speak he goes to west of the Mississippi.  The propagation is strong into FL from Navassa so he is using this technique to work some of the weaker brethren.  Since I'm back east  decide to play with the features of the 6300.  By grabbing the yellow triangle on the flag I can virtually instantly swing the passband of the transmit VFO onto the calling station as he answers K1N's report very easy for tail-ending.  I'm waiting for a shot when he decides to go to Caribbean only,  Another technique to see the many are worked.  The Caribbean stations are weaker here so it was good to see a shot given to them because they were clearly weaker there as well.  Some SA tried to sneak in but it was only a few and he put them n the log with a reprimand, another technique to keep the pile from getting out of control.  Some NA pigs were trying to encroach and he clearly told them they were NOT IN THE LOG!!!  Very cool!  This guy had complete control.  The pile was very well behaved.   He had to go put up some "real" antennas.  Apparently every thing worked to date had been worked off some sloping wires hanging from the light house.  I can't wait to hear how they work with directional antennas because their signals have been astounding.

I've heard EU is bitching about being ignored but I have also heard them working every EU they can hear.  On 80 last night they went QRX for 5 and when they came back they worked every EU they could until the rate dropped way way down and then resumed to all comers.  Thus far extremely fair IMHO given they have been working off wires flung from the lighthouse.

After N2TU left I switched to 15M.  K1N was on 21.205 and was listening up.  took me a few minutes to determine whether they were at the top listening down or at the bottom listening up.  Here is the pic

K1N is on the left bandpass.  Note how VFO B which is at the top of the pileup is off the screen.  Here is another amazing feature of the 6300.  I can merely re-size the panadapter until the entire pile up is contained on the screen

The pileup is roughly 35khz wide.  This once again allows me to zip around the entire pile up to determine what station is presently communicating with K1N.  I already have them on 3 bands and he is weak here and I decide to not give the contact a try and add to the QRM  I'm content to discover the versatility of Flex's panadapter.

73  W9OY