Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3G0CZ Robinson Crusoe Island

Jaun Fernandez Island is on the air.  I worked him tonight on 30M with a nice little 7-8 khz pileup.  Virtually no DQRM and just a couple duffers who couldn't figure out there might be a pile up with this guy.  My  noise was S0 to S1 (-118dBm and he was peaking as high as S4-5 (-87 dBm) nice signal.  

He was strongest on my 5/8 30M vertical and running at a really nice clip.  It took maybe 20 minutes as he was moving up and down the pileup SnP contest style using single call cadence.  Tail ending was worthless.  

I decided to show a diminutive single screen setup which would be consistent with using a laptop if one was the DX instead of just working the DX.

Here is a shot with WriteLog as a logging program.  

SmartSDR has something called focus helper

This feature keeps Writelog in focus.  If I click around the panadapter or the waterfall, 100ms later Writelog reclaims the focus and is ready for data entry and it's all automatic.  I don't have to touch a mouse and I don't make mistakes.  It really streamlines workflow and works really well.

Last but not least here he is in the log.  He is 4300 miles strait south.  This radio is so much fun to use!

73  W9OY