Tuesday, February 3, 2015

K1N works EU

I'm sitting here tonight listening to K1N working EU on 40M.  Here is what I see

If you click the pic you can see virtually 100% EU.  I've been listening for about an hour and before he started calling EU it was the typical free for all.  I think this is a testament to NA standing by.  Compared to the EP6T DXpedition where one could hardly work the DX because EU refused to stand by this pileup is a thing of harmony.

The pile up is spread out and the pace is not frenetic in the least.  K1N is like a shark leisurely gorging on a big school.  He's just moving up and down the pile running at 43 wpm or so, real clean signal.  Virtually NO QRM.  In fact I havet he AGC turned off in the 6300 so I can hear the natural ebb and flow of the ether.  He peaks S9 and the band noise is S2.  It would appear they have the QRM thing figured out.  It's almost a symphonic call and response.  

Another day and time this would almost be like those old time QST articles where the master op is trolling the ether to the soft blue glow of the 866's and the fiery plates of a pair of class C 833's heating up the joint on a cold winter night.  Just as I'm about to hit publish he switches back to a general pileup 

and I work him in 1 call 22 khz up the band.  Way too much fun!

73  W9OY