Sunday, March 8, 2015

E30FB Eritrea

Eritrea is on the air!  I've been chasing them on 20 and 15 and for a while on 40 but no luck till tonight  

I had the 6300 set up in minimalist mode so I could make a video.  They were pretty weak and the band was quite noisy.  I used my dipole as the noise and signal strength was worse on the vertical.  I was running about a KW.  I had skimmer set up, and after I determined his pattern I just tail ended a signal.  In about 3 calls he was in the log

I made a video demonstrating click tuning skimmer but I had already worked him so I didn't want to add to the QRM.  I was hoping to get my QSO in the video but I had a little problem with my audio feed to the screen caster so that didn't pan out this time.  The band was somewhat unsettled and I decided WFFL (work first fix later) Maybe next time

73  W9OY