Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eritrea E30FB revisited 30M CW skimmer demo

Tonight I was able to video working the 30M E30FB pileup.  

As you can see the pileup was pretty big at about 10 khz and also quite dense as the DX op was not spreading them out too much.  His pattern was to move up into the dense part of the pileup and start to descend fairly quickly working stations he could hear until he got near the bottom and then pop back up 5 or 6 khz up the band.  Being able to discern this pattern made working E30FB fairly easy.  He was not super loud often fading out but he was rapidly in and out not big long fades.  I was able to copy enough to stay ahead but not too ahead.  

I made a video of the encounter and you can see me move down the band.  It's a strange technique as I'm perusing him by letting him unknowingly pursue me.  I got all the controls adjusted AGC-T, audio level, turned off the AGC played with the APF etrc and made sure the Flex was feeding my OBS screen casting software.  Once satisfied I located him in the pileup and switched on the video and commenced to calling around 01:17 Z.  Skipping around the pileup I finally bagged the QSO around 1:22 Z.  5 minutes for a new one on 30M.  Color me happy!


For some reason my sidetone does not make it to the screencaster.  Haven't figured that one out yet.

73  W9OY