Saturday, June 7, 2014


I made my 60M debut tonight.  I first had to figure out how to set up the frequencies.  60M is channelized.  You have to set the middle of your radio's band width to the middle of the channel.  Here is a chart from wikipedia  describing the channel band edge and the freq to set your VFO to in order to comply with the rule.

Using K9DUR's memory program  I installed into 5 memories the 5 freqs in column 2 of this chart.  I clicked the channels and they came right up on freq.

I loaded up my 80M vertical which is close to 3/8 lambda on 60M.  Here is a plot of the expected plot

I tuned up with the tuner and heard a fellow on CH 2 and gave him a call.  He came right back.

I signed with him and moved up to CH 3 and gave a CQ and a fellow in AL came right back.  I guess the chanelized nature of the band makes it a bit like 2 meters except people actually talk to each other.

I tuned to CH 5 and heard some really weak CW.  It's weird as hell using channels and wikipedia to get on the band, but it was dead bang easy to get on the band and make some contacts with the 6300 and K9DUR's program.  It will be interesting to see what propagation is like on this band.

73  W9OY