Thursday, June 26, 2014


I've never been on RTTY.  Back in my day it was model 15's, reams of paper and type writer ribbons.  I liked antennas and amplifiers.

Since winwarbler has RTTY built in and since I had it working on PSK-31 I thought I'd give RTTY a try:

I swear these guys are every where!  This is the W1AW/3 pileup on 40M.  I set the radio to DIGI-L and narrowed the filter

and started printing W1AW/3.  Easy as pie!

I didn't have split so I used a DDUTIL feature to work him. 

DDUTIL can memorize a freq and the can toggle between the VFO and the memory.  I stored W1AW's freq in memory and tuned the VFO up the band.  I then listened to his freq and as soon as he started "W1AW/3 up", I hit the VFO button on DDUTIL which put my transmitter in the middle of the pileup and hit START and sent my call.  Then I hit STOP and and toggled the V<>M button to returned to his freq.  I was able to tail end by setting the VFO to the freq he was working by dragging it in the panadapter.  After about 5 minutes I worked him with 50W one handed paper hanger style.  What a hoot!  

I do have to figure out how to run split however.

73  W9OY