Sunday, June 29, 2014

Field Day 2014

Well another flied day is in the can.   I operated the Flex 6300 from home.  I was really excited to see how well it would do in this contest.  Unfortunately my contest time was cut short as my wife came and told me one of the air handlers was leaking.  Fortunately it was still daylight and the stores were open for a couple more hours so I had the chance to fix the air and still work some contest.

I had my radio set up in the usual configuration I have come to favor

WriteLog with 2 bandmaps and 2 entry screens, SDR bridge, 2 CW skimmers (I only operate CW contests) DDUTIL, SDRMemory6k, VE7CC client and QRZ to look up callsigns.

This is a shot of WriteLog and VE7CC client all percolating together, and here is a shot of CW skimmer percolating with WriteLog

I could click either the band map or the skimmer to load a station into the logger or just copy in my head which is what I wound up doing most.  With this contest it turns out skimmer slows you down to some extent.  Skimmer prints the first call sign it hears and this is often the call sign of the calling station not the running station.  What is on the screen is what gets loaded into the logging fields, so I spent a lot of time deleting what was in the entry field and re-entering the correct data.  Not a big deal.  Alt-W erases the entry and just re-enter.  I didn't do any running but you wind up doing this with run QSO's anyway.   The thing I do like about skimmer despite this logical error skimmer puts you precisely right on freq making use of 100hz filters practical.  100hz filters dramatically reduces listening fatigue.  If you run across a station on another band WriteLog autofills the data from the previous band QSO,  Nice feature.   Here is a shot of SSDR

Look at the waterfalls especially 40M!  The bands were cooking here in SFL!  I started on 15M worked up the band and then back down.  After my sojourn with the air conditioner and trips to Home depot I came back and worked 20M and then 40M before heading for bed about 3 AM.  It was totally fun and I love the way this radio works in a contest.  I actually worked a fair amount of DX in this contest which is unusual for me in Field Day.  I usually take a spin to the local club effort but given my A/C woes I was glad to be 1Ding this year with my 6300.

73  W9OY