Thursday, June 5, 2014

K9DUR SDRmemory6K

Today I want to plug a little program that has become indispensable to me.  It's K9DUR's SDRmemory6K .

This little program can store and sort memories and modes for SSDR.  Above is a shot of all the memories  have stored and each memory has its associated mode and labeling info.  For example Radio Havana is the strongest station in my 30khz to 54mhz spectrum so I flip there once in a while to get an idea of conditions It can then sort these memories according folder.  I believe memories can also be stored associated with a slice but I haven't fooled with that.

You can have as many or few as you like.  They don't need to be by band.  For example you can have a SWL folder or a BCB folder.  I have the full compliment of WWV stations including the experimental WWV at 25mhz and WWVB at 60khz

In seconds I can get a pretty good idea of what's open.  I would use it to set my watch, but my watch has a WWVB receiver built in so it sets itself 4 times per night and then averages the result.   It's also solar powered so I never fool with my watch any more.  I love this watch! (FATHER'S DAY HINT)

In addition the program has a favorites screen that can display up to 20 favorites taken randomly from the ALL list of memories.  This list can be expanded to more memories and can be displayed in various matrix formats using the setup screen in the program.

The program will allow this screen to be displayed on startup and it can be always on top.  The other screen can be directed to minimize on start.   Why is this important?

Notice anything different about my display?  Look more closely:

I have the favorites list occupying the real estate where the vox controls are.
It is not part of the SSDR screen but since it is always on top it gives the impression of being part of the SSDR screen.  If I want to get at the VOX or DEXP I simply move favorites over a bit:

I have my favorites set up for a CW and a SSB choice for each band 80-10 plus 6M, 160M, and 600M and 3772 which is a hangout freq.  My CW or SSB choices are also hangout freq choices.  

When I click 40ssb I go here 7217.5 where some of my old buddies hang.  It gets me on 40ssb and in a region of the band that I'm likely to use.  You could just as well stick in digital freqs if your a big digi guy.  It adds huge ergonomic functionality to SSDR.  

The program is CAT controlled and I have several CAT programs connected to SSDR.  I run K9DUR's program through DDUTIL which then gets my CAT commands into the radio.  It works perfectly.

I looked closer at the settings and found you could expand the columns and rows in Favorites so I added 60M

Now that's REALLY COOL!

73  W9OY