Monday, July 28, 2014

How do I manage all these programs????

I decided to pair my new Anan-10 with some old favorites for external control.  Here is a shot of how I have things running presently

I wrote Steve K5FR of DDUTIL fame to see if I could run 2 instances of DDUTIL.  His response since PowerSDR is purely CAT driven I could use DDUTIL version 2, which is stored in its own folder and will not have any contrary interaction.

I've had some input into the design of DDUTIL especially the SO2R aspect and some of the external macros and how the Flex Control works with DDUTIL.  I also had some input in how the Quick memory works.  Steve of course did all the real work but I have become dependent on many of its features like Auto Drive and Macros.  It is an exquisitely useful tool for station automation and operation. NOTE version 2 works with PSDR.  Version 3 uses the SmartSDR API interface and is connected to the radio by Ethernet not CAT or serial ports.  

One big difference between PowerSDR/Anan and SmartSDR/6xxx is SmartSDR/6xxx is written on a server/client model.  The server is in the radio itself and not on the computer.  The radio can be placed on a router and addressed from several computers across the network.  The server can pretty much be accessed by anything with a IP address that also can communicate in SmartSDR API language, aka cell phones- tablets- probably raspberry pi etc from anywhere whether in the house or down at the Starbucks.  This is a little way off but its already being done at some level by a few intrepid souls.  DDUTIL version 3 is an example of a program accessing the server through API language to control the radios behavior.

I installed DDUTIL and used a serial pair provided by Flex's SmartCAT to connect the radio and DDUTIL.  It lit right up and I could memorize frequencies to my hearts content.  With the 6300 I use the DXLab suite of software.  I figured it was folly to try and engineer 2 instances of DXLab at once.  Another really useful logger/world map/cluster program is Log4OM  

This is a richly featured program that comes from Italy.   It shares many features with DXLab and is quite useful.  Log4OM connects to DDUTIL through Omni-Rig from the DX Atlas suite of software and was written by Alex VE3NEA of CW Skimmer fame.  I also used a serial pair from SmartCAT to intertwine Omni-Rig and DDUTIL.  The setup was trivial, and before I knew it I was able to click spots or click dots on the band map and drive my PSDR/Anan right to the DX, while automatically entering QSO data into the logger exactly like I do with DXlab suite.  

The problem is HOW DO I GET ALL THESE PROGRAMS ONTO 2 MONITORS?  I recently upgraded my monitors to 2 x 24" HD 1980 monitors run by Display Port and I'm not ready to upgrade yet again to true display port monitors.  I also have read there are resolution issues with true display port and some ham radio programs.  So what I did was to place all the PSDR related programs UNDER SmartSDR  

This way when I have The 6300 in focus when all of the connected DXLab suite- DDUTIL- CWskimmer- SDRmemory6K- and SDR-Bridge programs are also in focus

But if I pound down SmartSDR the PowerSDR/Anan- DDUTIL- Log4OM station takes over the focus and I can still monitor Spot Collector and the DXLab band map.

One click and SmartSDR is back in focus

I love this stuff so much more than roofing filter radio!  :)

73  W9OY