Monday, July 28, 2014

How we got the Anan-10 running in Windows 8.1

I want to document my experience getting the Anan-10 running in Windows 8.1.  It was anything but plug and play.  I installed PowewrSDR_mRX and plugged nthe Anan-10 into one of my ethernet ports.  I have 2 nics and a wifi connection on this computer.  The computer assigned the IP address of 169.254,242.43 to the Anan. is what is called a private network sub-net, meaning it is a network used for intranet or computers within a building for example.  Other private networks include and  Most home networks are on the sub-net.

I could see the Anan's assigned address by looking in the Windows Task Manager

I would plug in the cable to the Anan, the adapter would light up with a solid green light on the left and a blinking green light on the right indicating activity.  I could see the Ethernet 2 icon in task manager also light up, indicating a connection and I would see some send activity march across the screen but never receive activity.  I could ping and get a nice ping

I thought HOT DAWG I'm almost home!  LOL on me!.  I next started PowerSDR_mRX and saw this screen

This screen indicates the IP of the Anan-10 is ???  I tried to ping and got nowhere

In addition there was still no activity in the Ethernet 2 task manager performance screen.  I kept being told your connected...your connected...  But no way Jorge' was I connected.  This was my PSDR screen

No panadapter activity, no audio, no TX.  In fact if you tried the mox or the tune you got this

 AKA I was hosed!

So I spent several days sending messages and being perplexed all the while being assure I was connected.  I WAS NOT CONNECTED!!  I knew I was close and it would only take some right settings and this thing would fly.  I was contacted by Mukesh KE3VG.  He had an idea of what might be wrong.  He thought I was on the wrong sub net which in fact I was, but how the hell can you get on the right subnet?  Here is what we did.

First reset PowerSWDR database.  This is done by pressing a button on the setup screen 

This is how the hardware config screen should look.  Next you have to understand some internal settings in windows networking.  Open a command prompt (in the programs under windows system) and next to the prompt type ipconfig /all, and a bunch of networking data will scroll by.

Find the data for the Ethernet port to which your Anan is connected.  Mine is ethernet 2

Originally under IPv4 adapter my address was the dreaded  I needed to change this.  I also noted my default gateway was

Next we open up the adapter.  Go to network > properties and you will see something like this

I have three active networks but I am interested in Ethernet 2 so Iclick Ethernet 2 and see this 

Click properties to see this

OOOO Baby this is getting good!!!

next highlight Internet Protocol version 4 TCP/IPv4 and click properties 

The suspense is building we are almost home!!

Click use the following IP address in this screen and type in a address that is not the same as the address in PowerSDR_mRX 's setup screen (in my case it `was but the first three numbers need to be identical to whatever PSDR reports.  In my case we typed  We also entered which was the default gateway we obtained when we did the ipconfig.  We also chose Use the following DNS server and typed in the gateway address as preferred.  We typed in a place holder as alternate and we clicked OK.  There was a warning that popped up and we clicked yes.  As soon as we did that we got this 

PowerSDR came alive and we were truly communicating!  Task manager now looked like this 

A steady stream of data marching across the screen!  Ping looked like this 

The radio behaved exactly like it should.  

I think this is an important document.  I have heard a lot of disparagement of windows 8 in favor of windows 7 for the Anan.  I was also told I need routers and switches in the line to make this work.  Correctly setup I needed none of that.   Personally I have found to windows 8.1 to be the best behaved in terms of networking of all the windows O/S's.  I was told no way I would be able to run three networks at once on different subnets but I am doing just that.  

My wifi is on 192.168.0.x my Anan is on 192.168.1.x and my Flex 6300 is on 169.254.53.x  All of them co-exist perfectly and all of them are persistent.  When I reboot from a cold start it all just works.  I am extremely grateful for the help I received especially from KE3VG He truIy is Very Good, in fact excellent! I hope this post advances the knowledge base for set-up problem solving for the Anan-10 and Windows 8.1

73  W9OY