Saturday, July 12, 2014

IARS test

15M & 20M at high noon at my QTH.  It's like a CW Orgy!  Eventually 40M came to life

Then 80M started hitting on all 8.  Unfortunately I didn't get a screen shot of 80M.  My goal for this contest was to simply increase band/country totals which I did.  I set up spot collector in DXLab to filter bands

First 15 and 20.  I had things setup to changing bands required no tuning and only 2 switch clicks.  As 15 started to fade I added 40 to the mix and finally I added 80 and turned off 15 since it was pretty much dead.  Spot collector has a color coded database display

The legend is down in the right corner and here in config

This is really cool if you are working a contest for band/countries and not points/mults.  If you work a station for example W100AW (what's with these stupid callsigns?) on say 20 CW it will display in black.  This is important since in a contest it will tell you if the station is already worked a.k.a. a dupe.  If you then switch to 40 and W100AW is on 40 it will either display in red or blue.  It will display in red of you need the band/country.   It will display blue if you already have that country on that band.  The yellow and pink background describes LOTW or EQSL participation.  So once I had this all set up I just sat back and did other things while waiting for new red ones to emerge.  Initially it was fast and furious but after about 8 hours the red ones had dwindled to a trickle, meaning I had worked most of the band/countries that appeared on 15, 20, 40, and 80. I missed a few.  What was amazing was I was able to hear virtually every red station that popped up but I was not always able to make the return trip.  Because they were on the bands for so long I was able to capitalize on propagation.  This was especially true for all time new ones.  If I couldn't crack them on 15 or 20 pretty soon they would show up on 40 and get bagged or some other combination.  I increased my band/ country total by 30 on every band and my over all countries worked by 19.

Now all I have to do is figure out the band following issue so I can get my antenna switch and amp to automatically follow the radio.  I had this working with the F5K but since I now run win 8.1 there are no drivers for the device I was using to communicate with the amp and ant. switch.

Finally I was pleased to see this

Steve K5FR added S meter and dBm reading, peak and avg for 2 slices.  This is incredibly useful.  He da Man!

73  W9OY