Friday, April 1, 2016

A Marriage Made in Heaven Skimmer and DXLab

Tonight while listening to 40M I decided to hook up skimmer to SpotCollector, the spot database client in DX Lab.   The two can be connected via Telnet.  Skimmer has a Telnet server built in.  

To get there go view>settings>telnet.  I have this server set up for SDR-Bridge so I didn't want to change anything because this server also populates my WriteLog Band map.  I did add a password to get DX Lab to recognize the server.  I used lowercase w9oy as my PW.  

In DX Lab I opened SpotCollector config, and went to the spot sources tab

I filled in the boxes under host address, skimmer for caption, W9OY for username, w9oy for password, and C under Cmd.  I clicked on enable but left auto and hide unchecked and closed the screen.  To add skimmer spots to spotcollector I click on the LED related to skimmer 

and bring up the login dialogue box and hit connect

And skimmer connects to spotcollector  and starts publishing spots.

Spotcollector's database tells me if I need a country or a bandfill and collects spots from my internet spot provider and skimmer.  The reason I didn't autostart skimmer is it gives a lot of data and if a pileup is happening I want to be able to turn this feature on and off manually.

So that's it.  I now get all the data automatically into spotcollector and that can be forwarded to DX Keeper (logbook) and Commander which is my interface to the radio, easy peasy.

This is the DXLab Link for directions but what I did is a modification of these directions.  I checked the other programs which use skmmer server and nothing seems to have been jinxed 

73 W9OY