Saturday, April 16, 2016

EP2A bang bang 30M then 40M

It's prom day at my QTH and I was out getting some pics of my 17 y.o. and her BF on their way to the dance.  i got the pics, kissed her on the head, told her she was beautiful and headed back into the house.   As I walked by the shack I decided to see if I could hear Iran on 30M or 40M.  Both bands were being spotted but I still had an hour of daylight so I figured chances were slim... hmmm maybe not so slim...

They were 10 dBm out of the noise on 30m, so I found a likely place where I thought EP2A was listening and pulled the trigger and he came back in 2 calls.  I logged him at 23:06z.  I thought I'd click over to 40M expecting nothing... wait a minute 

he was 4 dBm out of my noise and Q5 on 40m soooo I flipped on the amp... 
He was in the log at 23:13

Not bad 2 EP2A QSO's on 2 bands in the log in 7 minutes before dinner!   These guys are doing well, nice sigs good ops.  

73  W9OY