Friday, April 22, 2016

V63GG Micronesia in a Minute

Yap Island FSM QTH of V63GG

Dropped by the shack this morning to check the email before heading out the door.  V63GG was spotted on 40M and I thought "yea right.." but I clicked the spot anyway on SpotCollector and that automatically brought up my station, amp, and correct antenna choice to V63GG's freq.  I didn't even check the SWR or power out.  There was no time to waste and I knew everything was ready to pounce if he was there.   Seemed at first like nothing, nada, no one calling, then  -.-. --.-  one dBm out of the noise.  I powered up the amp,  (I LOVE instant on amps) turned down the keyer speed and gave him a call.  The iron was hot so I struck!  The result:

The terminator was quickly approaching as day was breaking.

And he was growing in strength with grayline enhancement.  Others were now calling him simplex

I captured these pics a couple minutes after I logged him and you can get some idea of his strength in the skimmer screen and at the bottom of the pan/waterfall, 

Band noise was -105 dBm on the average and V63GG was -104 dBm with 3 dBm peak variability

The band was quiet but I didn't have time to grab a lightning tracker shot.  What I had was all I needed to get the job done, Flex 6500, ALS-1300, 1/2 wave end fed vertical on 40M, all integrated with my logging and spotting software.  I was nano seconds from being late getting out the door, so out I went.  Never did get the email checked but that is the job of my cellphone anyway.  As I drove away the sun was in my eyes just peeking over the tree line as I drove due east toward the Atlantic, the grayline had arrived.  Micronesia in the log, in one minute.  Nice way to start my Friday  :)   

73  W9OY