Thursday, April 28, 2016

VU2GSM India at Sundown

The internet and its tools are amazing.  Tonight I was noodling around the bands at sundown and heard Kanti VU2GSM on 30M.  I looked him up on google maps and he was as is above, BUT I could drill down to his very QTH

So I'm talking to a guy almost 9000 miles away and I can see he lives across the street from the Arora grocery store north east of New Delhi.  Mind blowing detail.  

He was on 30M and I was about 15 minutes from sundown, perfect grayline time.  You can see the grayline almost smack over his head.

He was working simplex, mostly W2's.  Nice fist about 20 per and good ears.  I called a couple times and he came right back. 

As you can see from the waterfall he wasn't very strong but good Q5 except for some QSB.

My band noise on 30M tonight is about -116 dBm.  We exchanged reports QTH and names and 73's and he was on to the next contact.  Nice QSO.  He popped up on 40M and I thought I might get the daily double but no dice.

73  W9OY