Monday, April 4, 2016


Had the rig tuned to 30M and there was a big pileup progressing so I decided to tune in.  FT4JA on Jaun de Novo good copy so I decided to join in the fun.  No DQRM but some on freq callers and some up up overall nice copy.  It was just before their sunrise 

And the sigs were thus:

peaking -90 dBm 

with an average band noise of -114 dBm  

Pretty big pileup though

He was slowly moving up and down the pile, moving on after each contact, so tailending wasn't the key.   I just moved a little higher or lower after the last QSO looking for a clear spot and sent my call twice, once for him to hear me and another for him to copy me.  He would tend to move a couple hundred hz to a khz or more, so I had to try and get into his mind a little.   After a while I managed to attract his attention and we were in each other's logs


Un-narrated video of FT4JA  Maybe 80M or 160M?

73  W9OY

Many tnx Pat