Wednesday, April 20, 2016

V73NS Marshall Island

Florida is the biosphere.  Every biologic such as pollen there is we get in spades year round.  I don't use much in the way of antihistamines or nasal sprays since the antihistamines tend to mess with one's neurochemistry and sleep and nasal sprays tend to have a rebound addictive quality.  The more you use the more you need to use.  My solution is saline up the schnoz and postural drainage when my nose gets socked in.  This morning I woke up about 4 all clogged up, and got up and wandered into the shack to hear who I could hear, and who I could hear was V73NS on Marshall.  I always have trouble with Neil as the path is fraught with deep fading QSB.  Just about the time I make contact he fades into oblivion, only to come back in a while.

The band was empty and conditions were quite noisy, sounding more like July than April, but he was knocking off a few stations one at a time simplex as he is want to do, at about 33 wpm.

All of those bright green lines against the dark blue is severe static.  I checked the lightning map and about the only stuff active was in Oklahoma 

Even the Atlantic was quiet so not sure where all the noise was coming from but it sure was coming.  I gave him a couple calls, after waiting my turn and he came back and we exchanged reports.

By now I was breathing again so headed back to bed well satisfied.  Neil V73NS is an excellent op, and it was a pleasure to catch him on the air.

73  W9OY